About Our Company

Dallas-based PCORE is an independent exploration and production company focused on acquiring and developing unconventional oil prospects in the Delaware Basin.

The idea for PCORE started in early 2014. In May 2014, the Dallas-based exploration and production company was formally founded with nine employees and a $100 million commitment from Natural Gas Partners (NGP). PCORE had gone from coffee shop to office tower.

PCORE I, with 5,000 acres and three producing horizontal wells, sold to Parsley Energy in January 2016 for $150 million.

The team didn’t waste time — PCORE II formed in February 2016, this time with $200 million from NGP. Since then the company has a large, approximately 40,000-acre position in the southern Delaware Basin. Learn more about our operations here.

At PCORE, the focus has always been bringing the leading-edge technology and workflows of larger companies to a smaller, more hands-on space. We care deeply about every aspect of the process, from pre-drill reservoir characterization to drilling, wellbore placement, completion design, and flowback.

We take a Swiss watchmaker’s approach to our craft, focusing on the details to ensure that each well is drilled and completed to produce at its maximum potential.